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Emergency Board up Services in Aurora

Secure and Protect: Professional Emergency Board-Up for Damaged Properties

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Property Restoration in Aurora CO

In Times of Crisis, We're Your Shield of Security

Facing a disaster can be overwhelming, and during these urgent times, having a dependable team on call is crucial. AEG Construction & Restoration stands as your reliable partner, providing prompt emergency board up services in Aurora, CO. Whether it’s securing your property after a storm or safeguarding a building post-break-in, our professionals are ready to respond swiftly. We specialize in fortifying windows, doors, and any breach points, ensuring the integrity and safety of your property are preserved without delay.

Contact us at 720-988-5659 for a free estimate on exceptional emergency board up services. Our support is available 24/7, offering peace of mind around the clock.

Emergency Board Up Services in Aurora

Why Choose AEG for Emergency Board Up Services

Choosing AEG Construction & Restoration for emergency board up services means relying on a company with deep local expertise in Aurora, Colorado and surrounding areas. Whether the task involves securing commercial or residential properties, AEG’s licensed and insured team is ready 24 hours a day to respond promptly. Their comprehensive knowledge of the locale enhances their ability to address site-specific challenges, particularly following a disaster.

AEG stands out for its capability to handle projects of any size, from minor repairs to securing large windows and openings, ensuring that every company or home is protected against further damage. Their commitment to customer satisfaction is evident in their swift response times and meticulous attention to detail. Property owners can rest assured that AEG’s experienced professionals will efficiently secure their site, minimizing downtime and expediting the repair process. This dedication makes AEG the go-to choice for emergency board up services in the region, offering peace of mind in the aftermath of a disaster.

Our Emergency Board Up Process

At AEG Construction & Restoration, our emergency board up process is meticulously designed to provide rapid and effective protection for your property. Upon receiving an emergency call, our team promptly responds to assess the damage. This initial assessment is crucial as it helps us identify critical areas needing immediate attention, including vulnerable doors, windows, and other openings in the building.

Following the assessment, our board up service swings into action. Utilizing the best materials and techniques, we quickly secure exposed areas to prevent further damage from external elements. Our process is not just about covering openings; it’s about ensuring the structural integrity of the building is maintained during the most critical time.

After the board up is complete, we don’t just leave; we follow up with property owners to discuss the next steps in the recovery and repair process. Our goal is to provide peace of mind through quick, efficient, and thorough service, ensuring your property is secured and on its way to restoration as swiftly as possible.

Benefits of Professional Board Up Services

Professional board up services offer critical benefits in the aftermath of a disaster. Firstly, they provide robust protection against further damage to your property. By securing broken windows, doors, and other vulnerabilities, these services help shield your property from the elements, animals, and additional external risks. Secondly, they significantly enhance security, deterring unauthorized entry and potential theft or vandalism. This proactive measure is vital for maintaining the safety and integrity of your premises. Lastly, property owners gain invaluable peace of mind, knowing that their property is safeguarded during its most vulnerable times. This assurance allows owners to focus on the next steps for recovery and restoration with confidence.

Supporting the Aurora Community

AEG Construction & Restoration is deeply committed to supporting the Aurora community, especially in times of need. Our dedication to providing reliable emergency services is a cornerstone of this commitment. By offering rapid and effective board up, repair, and restoration services, we aim to help our neighbors recover from disasters swiftly and with minimal disruption. Our team understands the importance of community resilience and works tirelessly to contribute to it. We’re not just a service provider; we’re a community partner, ready to support Aurora residents and businesses through challenging times, ensuring safety, security, and a quicker return to normalcy for everyone affected.


A board up service involves securing broken windows, doors, and other openings in a building with sturdy, temporary barriers. This service is typically employed following disasters such as storms, fires, or vandalism to protect the property from further damage and unauthorized entry.

In the context of construction, board up services are used to safeguard unfinished buildings or those undergoing major renovations from environmental elements, theft, or vandalism. It ensures the safety and security of the construction site, its materials, and prevents any unauthorized access to the area.

Boarding up a house means installing temporary wooden or synthetic panels over its windows, doors, and any other breached areas to secure the property. This action is often taken after a house has suffered damage from natural disasters, fires, or other incidents, to protect it from further harm and to maintain its structural integrity until repairs can be made.

Plywood is the most commonly used board in construction for boarding up purposes. Its widespread availability, ease of installation, cost-effectiveness, and durability make it a preferred choice for creating temporary barriers against weather, debris, and unauthorized entry into a damaged or under-construction property.

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